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Giant Can of Pet Food Blind Bags ! Littlest Pet Shop + Fuzzy LOL Surprise Pets

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We are at the mall with LOL Surprise checking out some cute LPS pets. This giant can of pet food has surprise Littlest Pet Shop pets inside, but which ones? Let's open the cans and see. Then we can see which mystery pets are inside of the LOL Surprise Fuzzy Pets too :D
Pets are going to the Playmobil groomer in this video here:

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Today we are hanging out at the food court lots and lots and lots of mustard colored gold glitter and it comes with a hot dog - I don't eat me it's wearing a bowtie alright wig surprise do we have the cans start with the silver can of.

Pet food you'll the can back and we got the surprise oh there's two surprises in the cans tiny little mini taco is and a little lime you can attach the little lime right on its ear that is so - yeah talk about a tasty looking taco here's the surprises this one looks like a little seaweed wrap Oh a little teeny-tiny sushi what does the pic gonna look like.

We'll sue and see what the sushi looks like this what kitty wouldn't wearing this little sushi fish that's wrapped in rice on her body and we can dress her up even more by putting on this layer and now she comes with her own sushi roll to enjoy this one up we've got back looks like a pineapple stem oh wait a minute I still feel a surprise in the bag this.

One is a teeny tiny pineapple huh where the perfect air don't you mean I'm the pear and we've got a little flamingo who's dressed like a little pineapple fruit we're just missing the little pineapple part here there we go it's so tropical a miniature bottle of ketchup so this one is a little orange fish who is.

Absolutely in love with french fries she probably comes to the surface just so she can enjoy these crispy golden fries put this rape on her fin she can swim around with french fries on her and put the little mini fries right on her torso it's early how you doing let's take a swim around the mall and catch up this one oh that looks like chocolate milk top and strong it looks like it's a.

Little late unlike a bundt cake with chocolate icing because we've got do not understand how you got that donut over your head so of course she's gonna eat a chocolate donut and then right on her ears she's got the chocolate milk carton and we've got a box we can put this piece of pizza in right in here to keep it nice and fresh who's the lucky pet who has the pizza.

That is this adorable little dog this doggy who has a slice of pizza around his neck can do pizza deliveries right on his head oh all right that's so cruel golde golde cross okay these are the six adorable pets that I found in this set but it shows on the back that there are 12 of them to click so you don't know which 6 you're going to get inside each one of these cans so what a fun fun fun.

Surprise even though it says 24 surprises it's not 24 pets inside there are 12 pets to collect with all of their different accessories and you only get six per cans my face well it's gonna get even hairier in here because we could be a little surprised oh here we go we've got a gold shampoo PET bottle oh and an orange one we can open up the sand surprise and.

There it is we've got glasses right here whoo and sand is so soft whoo over all set which little pet is gonna wear the overalls oh who is this pink fluffy kitty it's so hard to tell who it is okay I think I found it right here because of the little outfit this one has the glasses and the overalls on this is so cute so with these fuzzy pets what you can do is.

You can actually dip them in water and rinse off all of their fuzzy on them and that way you can reveal what the color looks like underneath the pet will look totally different than the fuzzy layer but because I think these are so so so cute as fuzzy fuzzy little pets I like to leave them just like this just because they're so cute but this one looks like it would look like shorty.

Kitty because of all the accessories she comes with so you can either leave them fuzzy or you can be fuzz them in the water bingo fuzzy pink whoa this one's sparkly whoa inside we have some little shoes I see some shoes right here oh wait wait wait there's something else there's something else there's like a little.

Sparkly pearl necklace in here but we need to find the other shoes I'm sure this pet has more than one shoe here it is here's the other shoe ah so so soft as this scooper it looks like a monkey wait a minute this scooper looks like a raccoon we've got a book the great baby book there's like little wings in here golden wings look like what this whole entire.

Case is fuzzy this looks like it would be like an elephant look at the shape of this one this has to be an elephant and it's very very very fuzzy too so crack it open there's a monkey who can wear the golden monkey wings necklace looks like it's a super duper fancy ferret she's also wearing like a little tuxedo no way these are so cute especially since this container looks like a little.

Fuzzy elephant and they're color changers had the monkey fly on into the water and we didn't see color changed upon into the cold water and up there we go hair completely changes color and the monkey gets this blue face make it go away oh and the hair completely changes color either from black or to green with a little dip it in just all white with purple hair or time to get fancy with a.

Cute little bowtie outfit on there's like a little kissy little kissy it's not really cute I just can't even handle it hello cookie fans you're at the end of the video yes I know these pets are deliciously adorable but did anyone notice that there was something else hanging out in the video just for a.

Second who else was at the ball the dinosaur haul this little bear who loves lollipops for the BFF a burger and fries


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