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Reacting to the BEST VALENTINES DAY love animations

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Reacting to the BEST VALENTINES DAY love animations
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are Reacting to the BEST VALENTINES DAY love animations


Oh Valentine's Day oh he's waiting for his date oh that's just hella awkward his OCD oh is that his like brain just being like meeny-meeny-meeny the heart is asleep love is not in the air and yet though maybe a little bit oh no chill out you're gonna blow to cover he's like I'm taking over from here the pleasure is all mine.

Okay you need to relax that was too much she's like you're creepy take a seat how do you recover from that yeah I hope you're hungry cuz I already ordered our food oh great I'm starving I got us something that's low in carbs and high in antioxidants okay I'm good back excuse me oh not really what you say to a girl on a first date or ever you're creepy now you're creepy tone it down.

Accent the same isn't it no more like Wisconsin close enough oh no um cheese makes me gassy Oh spice things up oh hey he's putting on a show and I hope you're excited for the main course I know I am he's like two people right now she must be so confused and like concerned for her well-being yeah I just pull out a flute.

Out of your back pocket randomly it's like his first time ever seeing a girl oh no oh man he's so awkward like is this me in male format oh and now she thinks she's cute no don't do that don't do that I feel like he's seen a screw the site well you say just don't kill her time for some excuse me yeah that's what I thought was gonna happen too far what's wrong with.

You know I knew who's gonna screw it up guys okay Plan B we're gonna fix this we are going to fix this together you guys got to work together the girl is do you mean Scarlett what do you want she's garlic look I'm sorry I was an idiot back there yeah you were oof ouch ouch my heart hurts look yeah I know I seem crazy but my mind was all.

Over the place trying to be someone I thought you'd like but I'd like to show you the real me hmm I don't know we could go dancing I like the sound of that did you have anything else in mind well what is it what is it you got the keys this just proves that beating herself is the right way to be Oh No they both messed up now she scared him away that was so funny that was the best.

Ending ever Wow love on the balcony oh you got a little heart on your face Oh y-you know rub it off it was cute oh and now she has a heart on her face what is happening oh they're blowing kisses oh there boy oh the two people across from him love each other and they're like flirting and he's getting caught in the middle of.

Their flirting why is he trying to dodge the heart they're adorable look like you do like oh no oh no he's grumpy he's a grumpy man oh that's so cute I want a flower crap he's such a grumpy man OOP done but the bird but she's happy she got her crown oh no.

Is he gonna ruin this for them I feel like he's gonna seek revenge oh he's gonna propose okay but like you're really gonna spend thousands of dollars on a ring and then send it over by balloons hope it's gonna get there I mean I would just give it to her in person but that's just me oh no he's gonna kidnap the ring oh no guys see ruining this Oh.

She was expecting something I don't look so sad now I feel as bad oh he's like she didn't say yes she got my ring and she didn't see it I mean dude you didn't wait to see if the ring went unto her balcony he got what he wanted to be all alone but something tells me it's not gonna be all that he thought it would be oh now he's lonely he misses all the.

Love that was in the air look how sad he is now all alone be careful what you wish for guys because it just might come true there's the ring I mean Oh idea he's gonna give it to her oh my god what is she thinks he's proposing now though really the ledge you can't just use your door I mean I would use the door what if.

You what if you slip and fall oh no this is just full of bad choices no he did the right thing this is exciting oh they're together fight me but he's still Kenny oh hello there so she moved out a movie with the other guy and then his love moved in wow what an.

Amazing moral to the story he did something good and something could happen to him invisible relatable oh they're little lizards okay oh he's like I like her I like her I like her what are you gonna do what are gonna say oh you got shine went invisible okay you can do it dance oh those maggots he's using to write the words dance with never so cute.

Oh he stepped on her tail he's like notice me senpai notice me type notice me senpai into the chat notice me senpai another lizard is trying to steal her no I can't let that lizard win oh oh is he's just taking a picture there okay yeah that was me I think her braces are hella cure oh he's disappeared she's feeling alone now but really he wants to be with her the.

Whole time if only he could just have the courage the courage should not be invisible oh he's dancing over there oh she looks that she's a really good dancer I know I've never loved lizards so much oh wait sorry should just work was a little work can't lie oh they're so adorable ok I want to be a lizard in my next life oh he went Greg oh they're so cute.

They're made of heart I thought they were gonna kiss and go invisible together but that was cute too I thought all these really cute love series were perfect for Valentine's Day today unless I screwed up and I posted this video way too late then I hope you guys have a Valentine's Day full of love whether you're taken or single you can find love anywhere with your family with.

Your friends or with your partner I love you guys always so much stay awesome face me and don't forget to be nice to other bye bye


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