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Today, we are playing the amazing KITTEN RAMPAGE!! This game is a cat simulator with a difference.. This cat has LASERS AND GUNS FOR EYES!!
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Down here welcome back to another video where today we are playing a game called kitten rampage now the makers if this game were kind enough to send me a code for this and it's kind of like a cat simulator thing in the style of goat simulator I think because I haven't even played it yet but listen yeah the soundtrack is pretty awesome now up here I think we can give our cats a name.

What do we call it what do we call it mr. snuggles there we go mr. snuggles is ready to go now I think you can actually like customise your cats but I have no idea what I'm doing oh oh look yes look how cute this guy is oh my goodness haha it's so cute I'm gonna give it a blue left eye and a red right eye oh oh that looks scary okay awesome let.

Your anger out first play to start your rampage more enemies and weaponry coming soon weaponry and is that a poo ah okay this is a lot more crazy than I thought it was gonna be start by choosing a level raise your hearts outs let's just do this oh my goodness look fire laser than fire chain gun puke what oh and of course there's a poop button as well yeah so there's actually two different.

Levels I'm gonna go free roam here and see what happened oh that is a creepy cat I like this oh haha three two one oh my goodness that is so cute release the kittens complete all objectives in the timer to unlock more levels once your rampage is complete more levels will unlock okay let's just uh let's just walk around really what okay I'm good I'm good low food low.

Drinking critical health lasers right let's try the lasers shall we here we go Oh oh my goodness look at this yes all that is awesome I'm firing lasers oh my cat's eyes and blowing up crazy stuff when I jump I poo okay that's my look I'm getting two points for pooing this game is crazy we also have a puke Oh what happened there wha be let's try it again.

There we go of course it's like a grenade okay that's good what about the chain gun let's try on these boxes ah yes oh my goodness this is insane we can run as well it's so cute it's so cute look at it ah oh my heart is melting but I always remember that this cat actually has machine guns and lasers Faiz great now there's some other things that we.

Can do as well I think M was something or them meow of course that is so cute haha we can see it down as well okay that's the thing we can do that too and Zed's oh yeah oh we can do that too file up the poops follow them up follow them up you could do this Oh Rick it is and sit haha exactly what this game was for all right let's see what's going on.

So all there's a person over here there's a person who excuse me sir I'm a lost little cats all by myself I don't know what I'm doing out here what is that by me look at my mini-map what on earth is that ah no what is that die die please die oh my goodness that creeped me out I don't like spiders I don't like spiders um food okay let's take that as well nice give me this No.

Okay put it out as well right that's why there spiders die spider die and get out of here there we go nice ok the spiders aren't too hard to kill what about these guys sir I want you to find my mum please hello hello how are you doing I need help you look very very important when come near me well you can do out are you eyeing me I don't have a cat like that.

What's wrong with you okay you're gonna get the laser eye treatment there we go get zapped guess that's the way they died oh my goodness you know what are we sinking into the floor Oh oh that's weird you know what I'll just put on you there we go I get out here Punk so it says invade the factory ruins so what is that.

There is that a chicken it's a chicken hello sir how are you doing are you going to attack me or can i fry you die this game is so funny oh ok is there someone living here what does this say a medkit I got low drink I don't know if I can drink anything though can I eat this I don't eat the banana give me the banana give me the banana I found a fish yay I couldn't find loads of food our.

Drink right here ok give me this awesome right so there's a litter tray what can i what could I do with this let's see what happens there we go that's that's all we could do that why does the poo come out of midair it doesn't actually come out the cats pot I don't like this I don't like this let's fire everything there we go.

Destroy the TVs destroy everything milky kill I don't even know what that means look at this stuff it's exploding all over the place how did this cat get its superpowers I don't really want to know it's amazing these bounts are look look at these lasers they bounced off the walls as well oh my goodness yeah this can all die as well get out of here get out of here get out of here oh I would.

Ken's role they certainly two would why is there a giraffe up there giraffe are you okay buddy Jordan come help me on my rampage I'm not too happy with everyone as you can see I can't believe these lasers do so much damage now one of my objectives is to get through these slaughterhouse roofs so I'm gonna do that I'm gonna see if I can do all the objectives before this video ends oh my.

Goodness look ah go away go away go away go away oh I don't like that the spiders are too big oh it gives me the creeps need a med kit need a med kit give me a med kit give it a big kick okay it doesn't look like I took any damage from that spider that is good am i here yes sir oh hello there's a wolf and I wolf I've come to play can we be friends.

Please look look at this guy's mouth feelings really really aggressive I don't know if I should be talking to him is this the slaughterhouse roof what what big teeth you have sir what big teeth right I'm gonna try and shoot him you ready I am cute jakka meow there we go okay wait we stocked up on cuteness three - what's up Zach is that that that oh he's gone.

Where there we go easiest boss by ever so this isn't the slaughterhouse roof this is I don't even know what this is all oh there's the slaughterhouse okay great if I jump off here am I gonna hurt myself that's doing me out for good luck and then jump jump job okay I could survive awesome unfortunately guys the sport house is closed can we get in here there we go.

Okay it's not closed it light I'm gonna eat this sushi right up nice nicely done indeed okay what do I need to do now don't need to jump up here I need to get up to the roof somehow I fell in a box Oh Oh guys there's a gorilla in here of course there is where did it go but let me see if I could throw a bomb at him keep on throwing the bombs hello he disappeared okay ah that's fine with me.

I didn't want to fight a gorilla anyway we can drive we can drive oh my goodness we could drive ah I'm not very good at driving I am just a cat though so that that's forgivable oh my goodness hi yes bro I broke it I broke it okay its back its back this thing is crazy bro oh yes look at that haha Oh - get out now get out of it this thing is very very hard to control.

Indeed but why is there an office chair out here this is really really cool I didn't realize you could do this stuff oh my goodness it's really really hard to control let me see if there's anything else awesome around here we still need to get on the slaughterhouse roof but um what is that what is that I thought it was a rocking horse get out of here I don't.

Like rocking horses I couldn't drive a lorry as well this is so awesome right let's get in this come on please allow me yes did it work did it work it did work oh this is a lot easier to control oh my goodness I call this disruption we still need to - how much damage we still need to do 30,000 damage to get the the achievement.

Thing on the left hand side oh my word this is I didn't think I would be out of all the things I've been doing today driving a lorry as a cute little kitty cat I can't even see out the front i spider get out of here I'll run you over there we go nice I want to get this guy as well hello sir er right in the back awesome so we've also done wait did we we've.

Achieved 150,000 score I don't know how many of these guys we've killed but apparently we need to kill a couple more once I died how did I die I wasn't even - all drink I ran out of drink oh no oh hello greetings traitor why am i a traitor you're a giant mouse whoa you're huge died you were huge num get out of here right I'm going up here I think this.

Might be the only way to get to the slaughterhouse you have to maybe jump off this I'm not sure but there's only one way to find out I got an achievement but I'm not sure how I need to look this stair isn't designed properly I want to get up there can I not get up there I don't want to fall down oh I'm gonna walk on the edge here we go here we go go.

Yes I did it awesome okay hopefully these says the right way around awesome a little bit of a design flaw there oh it's happened again let me see if I can use my parkour skills my kitty parkour skills yes I thought I was gonna die then I guess how high up does this go yes I made it I made it I don't know where I've made it to but it's yeah where am I I have no idea where I am.

Oh no I don't even think I could do anything up here kind of stinky nice achievement there sir I'm a cats living on the edge where is the storehouse the war photographer I spent so long trying to get up there but anyway guys I think I'm gonna end this video here we've done a lot of stuff Dyson get out of here I don't know why I'm killing these people they don't.

Seem too much of a threat anyway guys thank you so much for watching if you did enjoy this video that I do appreciate if you leave a big fat thumbs up that would be awesome and also if this happens to be the first video you see mommy then please do consider subscribing to join team T Dion's day for daily gameplay videos thank you to the game devs for sending me this game.

You can check it out on Steam in the description below if you do so wish apart from that thank you again so much watching I'll see you guys in the next video yeah


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