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Today, we are playing a BRAND NEW game called CHKN!! In CHKN, you become the master of life as you can use all kinds of body parts from different animals to make your very own creatures and bring them to LIFE!!
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Down here from Salamanca welcome back to another video where today we're playing chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken I'm gonna go with chicken and this is a really cool still in development sandbox game where we get to create monsters yeah so let's get straight into it so this is us hello we're looking curtains what is that what are you are you at your off no you're definitely not a.

Giraffe what are you look at that haha beautiful teeth sir look at you you are all my goodness I want to create a creature just like you and luckily we can do that exact things so this guy right here are we gonna call him Boris so Boris here is able to create any creature we like with any of these blocks look how cool this is you've got unlimited well you've got 64 or a stack.

Of items of each and you can create things like that fail of a creature in the background let's do this wait a second wait a second I didn't know we had these oh man check this out can we actually like throw them and stuff oh my goodness what is that go throw yes play with the boat all I think it's frozen he's gonna fall over he's definitely gonna fall over you're gonna play with.

This ball oh maybe not what about the exploding fruit huh so you gonna explode ah oh my goodness that scared me oh he's mad no no dropping no I'm sorry I didn't mean it I didn't mean it I didn't mean it is he gonna hurt me he looks really angry is he gonna hurt me oh yeah yeah he's at me I know I'm sorry stop stop stop stop stop I'll throw it.

Oh I didn't even know you could die stop it stop eating me probably still mad at me how am I meant to stop you though jeez I've done something very bad what about leash let's get you on a leash shall we here we go let's get you on a leash ah that didn't work what is wrong with you look at that mouth oh my goodness it's terrifying go away.

Eat fruits you punk can I kill him I don't know if I could did it work did it work I think he's gone great now we can get to building some creatures so I'm gonna choose a beak I'm also gonna choose a dog limb what else can we use I'm gonna use these as defeat oh we got spider bits as well let's use tarantula body we need some eyes as well let's use tarantula eyes and then we need some.

Horns as well beautiful we can this it's gonna be amazing so I forgot how to do this that's it we've got it we've got it so this is the heart and as soon as you right-click with a life block which is what one of these is called in your hand it brings this up so you can start flying around exactly as you do in Minecraft and then you start building from the hearts outwards so let's build.

With this there we go got some tarantula body coming on and you can let you just build as freely as you like and it's pretty awesome look how hairy that is oh so cuz that guy tried to kill me like he's trying to escape no no this thing this thing I'm gonna create is gonna come after you so let's put a beak on this thing there we go look at that absolutely what is that so because this.

Is gonna be a horrendous creature we also need a big head for it can you get head blocks on here you can a snake heads Oh a horse snouts it's art so heads our unicorn on here we go the turtle heads going on it's going on put it on but it are there we go yeah that actually looks pretty good inside opt the other stuff on the floor all right where can we put eyes on this can.

We put it like yes yes we can change view as well that's better look at that let's put one eye there and then one are there oh my goodness your eyelashes are perfect oh I'm the eyebrows as well eyebrows on fleek eyebrows on fleek okay this is a lot better to build with I seem to remember you could get like octopus oh geez there's so many cool things even.

Though it doesn't seem like there's much there's quite a lot you can do with all this random stuff there's wings oh we can also get this was looking for dinosaur spikes so let's put some on the back of this guy we fit them on here oh we could only fit that can we fit them on here we can yes just put some there there haha he's starting to come together.

He's looking pretty feminine and I like it okay now I'm gonna put some legs on this guy's so let's put let's go down to maybe I know this I would a time ah no he exploded what happens no tarantula man oh no I cursed all over again okay let's put the feet on this bit here we go oh oh I didn't realize it did that look at that that looks ridiculous I know awesome oh you know what I'm gonna.

Get rid of this block here haven't you know scared of this limb and then let's limb and then we can put these straight onto his body look at this this is gonna be amazing we go there we go but no place it place it right there there we go yes ah he's starting to come to life all this is exciting I feel like a Mad Professor he has four legs now and.

The finishing touch oh my goodness this is huge is a unicorn horn yeah what even is this this is amazing look at him he's so happy with himself oh geez beautiful creature right let's see if we can make this thing come to life so what we need to do is just fly out of range and then it's alive its walking oh this is amazing let me just oh it's talking as well look what we.

Created this is amazing right I want to feed him a hamburger let's give him a hamburger shall we hello I want to give you this give you this there we go go and eat it eat it you know you want to he's trying but I think I've made his neck wrong look it's tormenting him oh no no I'm gonna pick that up I'm sorry I'm sorry ah ah don't trample on me oh can we get him to go.

Over here let's see if we can do it get over there there we go go this way come this way come this way oh we need to fight this guy this guy bullied me he pulled me so much that he killed me and I want you to defend me because you are my creature you are my pet and you will protect me come on come on go towards the burger towards the econ.

Climb Hills plan number two leash up this guy and drag him along you have a camera mouth that's why you look so weird come here want to leash you late all right got it oh good ah I got him quick fights fights fights oh this guy is a lot bigger than mine oh no no no he's doing it he's doing it fight back fight back please oh this is going how how he's standing on me oh geez my guy.

Is angry he hasn't got a neck I should have given him a neck oh no no no leave him alone now leave although I don't like this I don't like this at all are you dancing whoa that flew stop dancing and fight okay I'm gonna have to drag you away now this is unacceptable behavior unacceptable whoa whoa he killed him I don't want this anymore I don't want this I don't.

Want this I don't know this I want a hamburger instead I need to reward you with life he actually oh my goodness he actually popped him my guy was half the size and he popped him that's amazing right i want to i want to edit you now here we go let's make him have an actual neck the only thing is it's gonna pop off his.

Face so we're gonna edit its face to be gotten terrible neck oh geez right let's pick up the stuff that it's not gonna use right i need to find a good neck and just make this body a bit better I still can't believe our guy destroyed the other one look at his body parts everywhere it's amazing okay so you've got dog neck or horse neck I think this one looks best maybe I'm not.

Too sure yeah that looks cool cuz it matches his legs yeah it's right now I need to choose a new head I want to change it up a little bit let's go for let's go for actually let's make the turtle again and then we'll make another that's not a turtle head let's make another one and then we'll make them fights here we go let's put it on there and then we need those eyes just amazing.

There we go and then this horn as well beautiful absolutely beautiful look at him oh wait wait I don't want to leave yet I need to put some spikes on him I forgot about the spikes perfect absolutely perfect there we go our first creature has been created he can he eat now is he eating him there's a brain there's a brain oh he burps as well you are sick.

So sick ah he's so hot no no what why are you angry at me I made you I'm gonna make someone else now uh he's actually gonna eat the whole thing that's pretty gross okay I'm gonna make another creature and see if I can get into fights let's see what I can come up with are you ready to see my second creature I think he is I think he's done eating him now.

So girls right here it is there the chicken corn that's what I'm gonna call it yep the chicken come can I get rid of this I don't want it there we go awesome oh no I got an octopus peak okay let's see if this works does it walk it's got a heart which is goods oh my god what what you mans don't be mad at me I made you don't be mad at me I have hamburgers.

Yes right let's see if we can get these two to fight and see who wins I think I've got a good idea to see who wins come on then come on both you here we go I don't know what's happening to that guy's neck are you coming over can you even walk hello hello are you throwing hamburgers at you I alright you're eating your own leg what are you doing don't eat your own.

Leg oh my goodness I don't think I can get these guys together right outcome the leash okay I've got him I'm going let's pull him over let's see what happens I think he's gonna be mad at me yeah he's very mad at me they borrow five unicorn horns this is the Battle of the unicorn horn let's see what happens oh wow he's gonna kill me ow ow ow ow ow out no I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm.

Gonna die he's gonna kill me no my own creation is eating me alive Oh gross ahh Oh No can we be chill now can we be chill can we be chill please no chicken save me punching me I so fast I've died so many times the way it eats is hilarious please don't eat me how can I win him over with hamburgers there you go hamburgers hamburgers for everyone there you go yeah there we go that's.

Better isn't it we don't need to kill each other I gotta like this guy this guy is little beak and the noise he's making is hilarious you deserve a hamburger there you go what my creation save me so guys thank you so much for watching this video stop stop no he's gonna attack me it's gonna tell me I'm running away I'm running I'm.

Running I'm running these chicken things are scary so there you go guys that's is chicken the game that is completely free you can check it out in the description below it is a 0.5 version so it's not even fully properly out yet but you can go ahead play with all of these crazy life blocks and it's super fun so if you did enjoy please leave a big fat thumbs up.

That'd be awesome and if this happens to be the first day that you see mommy then please do consider subscribing to join team TV and today for daily gameplay videos and I'll see you guys in the next video good


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