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How to recognize signs and symbols from the angels

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Ever wondered how the angels reach out to us? They contact us in many ways, Find out how they send us signs within this video How to recognize signs and symbols from the angels by Lifeshare University of Healing dba Council of Light
I have had a lot of comments and posts on how receiving signs from the angels is not in Scripture. I wanted to add this to the description for everyone to see that YES! IT IS IN SCRIPTURE!
The first and most important verse I want to point out is Psalm 91:11 PSALM 91:11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;
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Welcome back to angels for 1/1 next we'll learn the signs that our angel sent us angels reach out to us and many different ways it can be as simple as seeing a sign on the road to a loud firm voice of warning in our minds angels are always trying to get our attention it's a matter of us becoming aware of the signs that the angels are sending to us my recommendation don't just look with.

The physical eye see with the mind's eye here are some angel signs that I have personally experienced feathers have you ever been walking and a feather of any color appears in your walkway maybe you're getting into your car and you look down and a feather is just sitting there waiting for you to notice it you think well there's a lot of birds around here.

Well think again birds are messengers from spirit as well and they just left you a little piece trying to get your attention another sign from the Angels is coins a penny for your thoughts how about a nickel especially nickels and pennies have you ever been finding change laying around for no apparent reason well there is a reason the angel.

Is trying to get your attention ask them to bring you the messages that they feel are best for you to know right now how about TV shows and commercials everything ever been thinking about something or stressing about something or someone while you're flicking through the channels and then someone on TV gives you your answers nope it's not your imagination and yes it is the work.

Of the angels how about clouds have you ever looked up in the sky and seen an angel outlined in the clouds what about a heart or an animal nope you do not need to go to see the eye doctor nor the psychologist its your angels trying to get your attention let them know you notice them and they will continue to bring you divine messages angels contact.

Us through music did you ever wake up singing a song in your mind for no apparent reason maybe you have lyrics stuck in your head and you continue to hum the song for days on end what do the lyrics say what's the meaning of these lyrics in your life find the message in every ounce of song you hear angels can also play orchestral music you'll find a link in the bonus materials that show.

How the angels can sing along with you and praise rainbows are another sign that the angels brain since the time of Noah's Ark rainbows have been symbolic of God's promise of love care support and protection rainbows signal that your entire situation is being taken care of by them rainbows are not only signs but also gifts of encouragement and guidance from.

The other side voices have you ever turned around and said I could have swore somebody just called me but nobody's there here on your name called by a disembodied voice is actually a common experience it happens to most people as they're awakening from sleep since that's when we are most open to hearing the angels because our ego sleeps the voice of God and the Angels.

Is that of love and wisdom when they speak up it's loud clear and unmistakable you can also hear a voice in your own voice or the voice of a loved one - make no mistakes as long as the words are loving and kind this is the voice of your angels numbers are another sign that the Angels leave have you ever consistently looked at the clock and seeing the same numbers over.

And over again these are so from your angels they connect with us through a different language which consists of symbols and numbers for example the number 11 is a number that angels used to let us know that are there with us you can find more info on angel numbers and Dorine virtues book angel numbers 101 here are some other signs that the angels can bring.

Butterflies butterflies or signs of transformation the beautiful insects are frequently sent to us by our lost loved ones either to remind us that they're always watching over us and nearby or just to let us know that they're okay Robin's are also signifying to a visit from our deceased family members of friends they're always a welcome sight and will often visit the same Gardens.

Year after year reassuring those who see them that their past loved ones are still near have you ever smelled something out of nowhere sometimes those that we've lost will remind us of their presence by surrounding us with a particular fragrance or smell that makes us think of them so take note of any familiar aromas that wefts your way you never.

Know they might just be a sign from a deceased loved one angels also like to make their appearance is known through the power of smell and will often leave floral trails in the areas that we have visited dreams angels and deceased loved ones will often come to us while we sleep as this tends to be the time we're most relaxed and receptive generally speaking these will be more vivid than.

Your regular dreams and remain in your mind much fresher and much longer have you ever seen sparkles of light at the corner of your eye or maybe something whizzed by well this is your angels depending on their color the messages will usually be sent by the angel whose help you need the most at that time if you'd be going through a hard time for instance and keep seeing green sparkles.

Everywhere you go it could be a sign from Archangel Raphael the angel synonymous with healing letting you know that he's there to help you touch is likely to be a very subtle and either feel like a soft brush on your arm your neck or maybe a tingling sensation across your back the Angels can also touch us but it's very very light gentle and feelings of peace.

Overwhelm you books and magazines are another way that the Angels can reach out to us next time a meaningful piece of writing grabs your attention whether it's a book suddenly falling from a shelf as you walk by or words in a magazine that instantly catch your eye take a moment to read what they say you'll be amazed at how often they'll relate in some way to your current.

Situations every time they do you can be sure it's a message from an angel if you suddenly receive a call from someone that you really need support from at that exact moment you most need them you can be sure an Angels intervene somewhere along the way either making them think of you at just the right time or giving them the clarity and wisdom to offer you the advice that you need.

Buildings and advertising slogans could be something simple as asking Archangel Michael to help and then notice a building named Saint Michaels shortly after a sure sign he has heard your call and is there if you need him however angels will also send their messages to you in a number of different ways so make sure you look out for any recurring slogans on billboards shop names or.

Roads that seem to strike a chord with you angels shapes never underestimate how clever angels can be they're all around us and can physically appear in the form of an outline or shape and in almost anything from the clouds in the sky to the bubbles in your bath don't ever underestimate the power of the Angels they can appear to us in so many.

Different ways and don't think it's your imagination because it's not it's just the Angels trying to let you know that they're there to help you in the next lecture you'll find a video teaching you about the chakras and how to keep them balanced what signs have you received from your angels what have you noticed lately that is helping you through the.

Experiences and the situations that you're going through right now post them in the question board on the class site or you can email them to me at support at Crystal wish co.com feel free to let me know about your angel stories so we can post them into the the student stories angel stories and the later sections of this course we'd love to share your stories and also share them.

With the rest of the class and our future students let's move forward


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