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Skyrim Secrets: 2 Hidden CUT Bosses Locations You Missed!

Опубликовано: 2 года назад
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Skyrim Secrets: 2 Hidden CUT Bosses Locations You Missed!
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What's up squad my name is ESO and welcome back to the channel in this video I will be showing you guys two secret cut forces in Skyrim and where to find them now to find this boss we actually need to come over here on the map to wayward Park a seemingly pointless location that is quite literally just to pass through the mountain range that separates winter.

Hold from the payroll as you can see here on the map so it is a pretty useful shortcut if you're not fast traveling the map marker itself though marks some kind of gravesite within the mountain parks now rather interestingly when I first arrived at this location there was another random encounter and this isn't anything to do with the two car bosses but free wolves are surrounding this.

Dead bouncers body and it will dispatch these three wolves we can then inspect the bouncers corpse so once they're dead on his corpse you will find a letter that reads a drill I need you to go out and find the missing pitbulls before the next tournament we lost too many during the last fight and we won't be able to train new ones in time find them and bring them back to.

Christ Lane at once crags Lane is actually located here on the map all the way over here you can find out more about this location if you follow the link in the description it's basically a dogfight pit that people bet on anyway now we're going to go back to the story at hand now there is nothing really unique or significant about this tube that's.

Immediately evident to it just a small shrine light structure with an amulet of arcane or caving the gods of birth and death as well as this Armour or whoever is probably resting it but if we take a closer look at this skeleton here you actually see that this skull is labeled and the ancient travelers skull so is in fact a unique item only one of it exists in the entire game so if we actually.

Remove this skull the ghost of the ancient traveler will appear and he's got no head command has no head we've literally taken his head and he's pissed off as he probably would be if someone stole your head from your grave so he just started attacking you like a madman so this secret boss guy was actually cut from the game for seemingly no reason at all I actually think it was a mistake.

That was even removed either way though you can download a mod both on PC and Xbox one called cutting room floor which will add in content like this back into the game yeah a pretty cool hidden thoughts I think he's effectively abandoned in still on you can kind of see the armor through this ghostly appearance it's interesting though be the total distorted his habits or glows.

To it like it's brighter than the rest of his body I'm not going to line that but for a headless bandit this guy seems pretty damn accurate with this sort and when you do finally kill him he'll drop a pile of ash and you can loot the ectoplasm from its course and this confirms there's obviously a ghost and then we can also get it still sort as.

Well it's more just a cool event than actually useful but next up we have our second secret cut boss this boss is part of a radiant quest that you get from the college of winterhold unfortunately the quest was never actually finished by quite a few of the quests you find at the college of winterhold which is why we can only find reference to it from the data file in.

Skyrim but I can show you what he looks like in a moment basically the story goes that a wizard has gone completely insane and he's gone rogue probably been banished from the College of Winterhold phase crazy antics so you're sent to a random dungeon and tasked with killing it clearly he's just unsafe and here he is and I can confirm he is pretty unsafe the road wizard is.

Actually leveled to your level plus one so if your level 100 he will be level 101 therefore you can expect quite a battle ahead of you he is a master of destruction and illusion spell it's pretty damn crazy to be honest though it does seem pretty common in Skyrim that that wizards and witches are exiled from the College because they've been practicing necromancy or some other.

Things that College disagrees with so using the Creation Care I actually looked in the game files myself and it says the rogue wizard belongs to the Drago faction and this was probably done to stop the drug attacking him so you will likely find him in a dragger dungeon so what I found every time I killed the wizard and each time I spawned him it hit have expert.

Destruction robes on which is pretty damn useful because you can then sell them on to somebody to get some gold and once again guys you can fight this boss yourself if you just go ahead and install the cutting room floor mod on Xbox one and PC they're just too fun bosses quite really so I definitely suggest getting that and if you guys want to see more cut secrets like this.

One make sure you check out the link in the description for more and to keep up to date with the latest Skyrim content make sure you smash that subscribe button and then just hit the little bell icon next to it and this will ensure that you always get notified whenever I release a new Skyrim video but thanks very much for your support guys and I will see you in the net.

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