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LEGO Мультфильм Пятница 13 / LEGO Stop Motion Friday the 13th

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Ребята, отправившись на отдых, явно не ожидали столкнуться с маньяком, живущего на противоположном берегу озера. Как они смогут спастись от него?
Смотрите новый LEGO мультфильм от Brick Fantasy - Friday the 13th.

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So...Jeph, What Job did you get? The guards at Freddie's pizzeria Nikita what are the bones here? I don't know actually maybe builders ate something Did you see? The door is moving You have misunderstood it. I did not see Where do the drinks should I stand on? You can stand them in the room Ok Where is Nikita?.

He is in the kitchen. Go to him maybe he needs help Do you need any help? Yes, take the cups. The are in the box Girls will take us the cups We will rest a little bit and well go swimming Thanks. No thanks Ok. Go mm...such as beautiful flowers Yes I like them too And the bushes are good.

The water is cool Come on I am going to make a flip wow awesome I will swim to that coust A-A-A The skeleton But why do I afraid of it I can's see anything The door is opened again Be there now.

I will play with you later Let me go man. I'm not guilty of anything Where is Jeph? He swam to another coust soon he will come back Jeph is still away. Maybe something wrong? Jeph is good No doubt, he find something and explore However, he delayes. I will find him Have you heard? I will see. Call to police ok.

Easy construct me back Are you ok? it seems yes Boss let deal? GO Such as unusual camping the main thing is that justice rule And active rest has a good influence on health If we would not pay attention that I was disassembled.


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