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good evening and happy Sunday to you all this is the big Jonas coming at you live a p.m. East Coast United States 4 7 2019 good evening my friends hello CKC random socks are also Vanessa Swartz 88 it's a Floyd hello Joe freedom burg hello Jay Stroud my old friend hello.

Paul hello my in Mullaly hello between Steve hello Hugo hello dad in Joe 5 hello there I carry good evening my friends hello Carlos Fernandez and thank you for joining me other exciting adventure here of adventures in Bitcoin with your friend big Jonas I got the daily chart up this this you know channel I've been watching a develop over the last couple days.

Because I find notable of you know several touches of middle channel support resistance lower channel support aperture no resistance we closed under this is the daily here so we closed actually under our upper channel resistance but we have to acknowledge we did broke out of the daily intraday 52 79 put in a higher high than yesterday's candle and we actually opened our day.

Above this you know so far this has been bull flagging frankly I want to keep this pennant but I also want to wear my indicators you know are sorry I want to keep this flag here but I also want to acknowledge whether you want to call me there's so many things happening here there there's there's a there's a pennant you know that's also being in play here and we do have this descending.

Channel which is still valid whether this is the daily closes here so even though we're outside of intraday we were outside of intraday yesterday before closing within the boundaries of it but we also have not just the descending you know channel here but also the a sending channel of closing candle support and resistance here on our daily here so lots of.

Different things happening here all three of these patterns you know more or less or bullish I mean we're looking at this uptick in the price action here we're looking at you know yeah it's declining volume but I really can't count these particular candles here as the norm you know if anything you could argue that this this was the norm and now we are putting in you know past this.

Explosion we're putting in you know three or four days here of higher than average bullish price action you know until proven otherwise so this is still you know bullish volume until proven otherwise in the price action here now a couple things we have to November that this candle happened like what's Sunday Monday so we had two touches find support forty seven ninety one area and.

That is a notable area of support so let's just we have our our crazy patterns here which is kind of funny now that I look at all three of these overlaps but let's just define some clear support or instances our current support is still daytime sorry resistance you know it's still day two of our bullish break and our near-term support is what happened on day three.

Four seven eight five and listens the distance between us right the distance between you know support and resistance for Bitcoin is at 11 percent luan delivers a move firstly if your leverage is some decent cheddar right there right no big Chad's included but what we're talking about here is a range we have now post rocket ship candles okay on volume in how after this area the forty.

Sevens was back tested as support be able to range higher now let's go back in time here and the only other area okay the only other area where we see on the daily the littlest bit area of support after this insane bearish candle we had on November 19th or Bitcoin went from 55 all the way down to 46 almost a thousand point move it found support right around.

The $4,700 area and therefore we are finding what was very strong resistance okay and we're talking about this as the bottom part here has now been tested as support twice on these dailies and not only as held was actually induced to bounce several days later now that's our low range support okay we see where it's happened we see why it's happening you all see that now we have.

To focus on the upper range and the upper range of 50 300 corresponds but just the tips of these lower areas where we had wick tout intraday and found support twice between 50 to 80 750 184 and resistance to just above 50 $400 okay so there's like a hundred dollars here of a wick buying support that very quickly be turned into resistance on this candle now it can be argued that.

This zone and actually let's expand the zone even though we've just found resistance in these wicks here you know this zone here okay can take us as high as the upper wicks of said zone which is just a hair under fifty seven hundred dollars and you can probably assume if we get up there we probably see some sort of a little foam Oh wick that could probably take this just a little bit.

Higher right to put in slightly a higher low there will really really freaking the market out there so for this to happen for this upper area to be tested for Bitcoin to test it okay we need to break 53:48 the Bulls need to break that okay now for now there's very little honestly to say that they can't looking at just a clear picture of the chart itself we just pull out the.

Indicators right okay let's let's even pull out the volume here or I just keep it very clean as a chart here okay we fell we scooped the range scoops the low threes we came back down we scooped a higher low of the low to mid threes and then since that a higher low was put in place we have been advancing upward and then we have accelerated our advance into that now there are resistances okay.

Horizontal resistances okay we have our bull channel one two three four five every time we hit resistance resistance on this plane this a sending plane here I want to make this a different color than red purple okay and once again we hit it as our local top so this line is very important right let's cure that for a second over there remember the upper range here okay for.

Where we are currently you know again another ten percent so we're talking about conviction go another ten percent right without I really without breaking the 4785 area okay Bitcoin can can retest these lower areas here many times if it wants to but as long as it holds okay this upper range can be achieved if this area makes that just as fast as we rose.

Through here we then have to look to back here and find the area below the current support as our next area of the support and that's really 45 you know it's a forty four hundred dollar range because there's nothing here in this candle and potentially is low back to forty two hundred which tests our bottom neckline okay we we are very bullish but we can't forget this lower area of.

Neckline let's make this yellow okay which really is our overall pattern support right if this is a bottoming triangle a bottoming a sinning triangle okay we broke through it we're testing these key areas here we broke through near-term horizontals right we broke through our right this line here this linear line on linear and we also broke through it on logarithmic now I want to.

Keep the log line up let's get rid of that for just a moment here okay because listen notable lines of resistance that are broken do get back tested right thusly and really this this line here puts on a whole different attitude doesn't it if if you log that out as well and that's kind of our really bullish area up there as well but the point is is that we have an area that we.

Could be back testing out support that could coincide with our diagonal descending line of resistance which is now clearly support and bid support for several days here so these are our horizontals and verticals than your term these are our supports on those down resistances on the up Bitcoin has been in a range about 10% for the last 1 2 3 4 5 6 days here ok this is all the data.

Near-term that the range itself has to work with we know from a chart perspective where the next area of resistance can be around the 56 to as high is just a heroine in $5,700 maybe with a wick maybe that corresponds with this rising area of resistance maybe we got to go a backtest first though to the line to then break us.

Above there and then there's the whole you know what's the cow right I've seen so many counts on Twitter so many counts on YouTube about like lunch is over five are we four or five this and that so let's let's go over a few counts I'll made a modern Eliot ition but I want to clear the board here before I do this so I really should take a picture of this because this is some this is.

Some Jackson Pollock craziness here let's do that didn't you see that okay so let's go back here to Bitcoin let's clear the board thank you very much and let's talk about these counts here okay so there's bigger counts and then within the counts there could be smaller counts okay so are we still in this expansive wave three now this current move here you know clearly has the.

Dynamics of a impulsive wave three okay compared to the wave one and we'll look at those ratios in a moment here we also have to note that the distance from 1 to 2 here it's quite long I mean we're talking you know talking Christmas Eve to a week before Valentine's Day there so you know but a month and I'm of the month and a half there of a wave too which means our wave four I actually.

Feel be a lot shorter in in time duration you know that was over I was almost six weeks this phone could be you know two or three weeks any kind of a pullback there a pullback that we really haven't had yet and then if we find that pull back and find that support where does our fifth wave potentially take us so this is currently the larger spectrum count here now let's.

Focus on where wave3 this guy here could potentially end up you know a it's possible that we've already hit it right it's possible we've gone as far as we can on our wave here we're in some sort of a BC here correction or we're just starting our beginning wave down of our correction over for or we actually got a couple more hundred dollars here of our three.

To go so how do we figure this out well let's look at some extensions of our initial impulsive wave here going back to our support on our current wave two area now I I only have this tension up to the one seven eight six here but if you notice we are literally right at the one seven eight six extension which means that this impulsive move here wave three has gone exactly this distance.

Plus seven point eight six point seven point eight six more times the length here are almost if you can argue just a little under two times this initial wave one here so there is precedent to say okay we've already done our extension here now our wave four let's just play this hypothesis for a moment here now for wave four okay what do we know we know that we have to keep wave four.

Above wave one and since wave one is right around with $4,200 here right in theory we could come as all way down as $4,200 all right but let's be a little more conservative here let's say Bitcoin you know I know somewhere between the one and the two three six here okay of this extension now here's what we're talking about here when we start to figure out four okay and we well know.

Four is in place because I think the four wave was it will take at least at least a week so it kind of takes some time I believe for the four wave to be agree that we're in that four wave where we basically have found strong resistance where we currently are maybe a little bit higher but we're clearly basically losing and closing below five K that's really the big issue here until.

Bitcoin below closes below five K the Bulls have control at this point okay we're several days past the 5k area of support so if we lose 5k that would be clearly be the first time on a daily close but she'll like a 12 hour close to we talk about higher time frames there okay the pullback of four okay needs to be basically calculated by the pullback of the wave three extension here and.

That can be found again we're gonna be higher than one but let's say it's a good 50% you know something you know it'll be a pretty pretty solid Paul back there but something between 34 to $3,500 okay maybe it's yeah because it probably go lower than this I think a lower than this something in this area here okay again we're still putting in a higher low higher low we're still keeping you.

Know this diagonal here on the bump on the down end right so a lot of that could correspond here and again it could happen quicker I could be talking you know into mid-april here this could be a fourth finding that support and then the five here because three is hit you know that one six one eight there you know we'd be looking at the fifth wave here potentially closing out you know.

Best-case one to one and $6,400 now notice the one to one extension of wave 3 is literally right before we fell off the cliff here of the 60 it was a $6,300 here okay this was the last hurrah you got off the boat right here or you were sinking down here okay so this is a valid wave progression bullish here of what could basically take us into June you know I don't know the time horizon.

Here because these could happen quicker than not but this could be a scenario for the next couple months here you know ranging up here coming back a little bit hovering the fours for a little bit taking one more push and retesting to see how strong 6k was remember this was support turn resistance get back up that's scenario that's definitely a very.

Clean a bullish potentially bullish scenario there so let's get rid of that let's get rid of that let's get rid of that now let's say that this is not some crazy impulsive wave here okay bullish as it is but more some sort of just corrective pattern it's sort of just straightforward ABC corrective pattern you know in which we're about to go down to some sort of corrective you know one.

Two three four you know five wave down here as we go to the summary but basically this would be the the alternative potentially bearish scenario here where this corrective move here can't get higher we're meaning there basically there's no buyers above sea wave here okay and we trickle down we got a couple rallies some nice bounces right I really.

Fall down test these areas here we take another rally here on a long Lee a longer four and then five takes us back down to some sort of a double bottoming where then maybe we put in our higher low you know that's our bearish scenario honestly what defeats this one here what breaks this apart is to is to really get higher than where we are now because this extension of the one this would.

Basically basically put me at the limits of this sea wave you know this is even at the limits itself so that bearish scenario we do have to keep in mind here and and and this can still basically play out with that firm rejection here of this area and frankly a lack of a hold on the next pullback to bring us you know that that next step higher there in the move so that's kind of my.

My thoughts on the two scenarios we're seeing here and as we go into next week because we are taking our time here in this move we have to ask ourselves what's our the signals better gonna tell us that this is running sour this is running dry that potentially where we're about to experience more of a larger corrective pattern here and the thing that could.

Just be a possibility there we go thing could really just be a possibility there is I want to look at some other indicator look at some of my indicators here we go and try and figure out you know where we are here just drop my entire thing so let's look at some indicators here okay so on the daily chart here let's kind of just make a quick rap here and see where we actually.

Closed out on some of our there we go that's all I wanted to do check the sound RSI a very strong 87 here we are as high as we've been pretty much since December Oh 17 which is where our 20k top-off was so we are back to these areas in and that's pretty extraordinary here daily stochastics here did have that bullish curve again upstairs so still holding a.

Bullish range here as we've started a new day of Bitcoin price action I want to focus on a couple more things here this is really the thing that I'm looking for kind of that first shakeout and this is our o BB oscillator day 55 zero of a bullish oscillator here when this begins to break down we're gonna see the obv begin to fall and then I'll be be falling which i.

Think is this yeah we'll definitely be signaling the failure of this bullish diversions here but this thing is still cranking I mean look where we are now in the obv and we have now broken through all these resistance levels here November here September here earlier September and right back to our July 18 obv in in the Bitcoin move here and this is just still.

Extremely strong and until we lose this until we lose I'd say this area of support all right resistance come back break through it until we lose this zone of support here this is a very bullish set up you know until really proven otherwise okay hundred and fifty three of my closest friends tonight joining me only 22 thumbs up guys remember to hit that.

Thumbs up button as we take a look here at our true dollar a volume total dollar volume and again it's corresponding with our volume profile itself of have several days here there's money flowing the F into Bitcoin still you know not just the back tests but the continuation of strong money flow has not waned you know as we're five days past here funny Havers j rj Jameel brian see anthony.

Boyd graphics hello Jane good to have you here the rent deity yeah Steve a Bitcoin Steve will definitely check out the the T DS their constants a hack Z Libyan life Brandon kilala ad hello Jimmy quick thank you sir wishing you well is great oh it's a crash kalila Rosa thank you sir ad Patrick Dennis much appreciate guys 154 you guys watching me tonight Mary hit the thumbs.

Like never hit the follow button subscribe to my youtube channel and we're so follow me on Twitter guys have a chance check out big Jonas Jonas trading calm but my personalized mentoring if you're new to trading if you're new to crypto currencies go away that I can do one with you by a Skype you can see my screen we can talk about trading.

Techniques basic ta how to get in crypto where to begin how to set a trading style how to find your own trading style please feel free to reach out to me big showing us at gmail.com or DM me on Twitter checking back in here on bitcoins price action starting the day here only 24 minutes into the day still ranging higher let's get into a tight 5-minute chart here as we just see.

As we start the new day in Bitcoin here I'm gonna pull back my volume once again so you can see what kind of money flow we get going in here okay okay okay since we kind of end of the day and started a new day here volume is still pretty strong here alright so let's get back into a couple on the higher time frames here remember we're on the weekly chart here close out a new loop we could.

Bitcoin what a tremendous week we closed at the teeny-tiny wick here you know a little more than a hundred dollar wick here okay it's very hard to find many things that bearish about this candle okay we closed above upper bollinger for the first time since our 20k breakout we are finding our middle Bollinger rising up for the first time in the bear market right 39:19 out to support now our.

Boulders are expanding and because of that we're drifting lower in our lower Bollinger this has to do with the volatility move in this takes several weeks to play out bitcoins T reminded me about the t DS so we've started a candle past a perfected td9 here on our weekly be talking about this on several you know shows here looking at the three-day as trading view.

Calculates oh maybe I just closed it out we're still on our second three day after as well a perfected nine haven't seen a perfected nine on the weekly on the three-day not on the daily but darn close but not really perfected lower timeframes I'm sure we just mix signals here and made through it yeah so not much there but listen we are late into a TKO now this doesn't necessarily mean.

It's a trend changer okay but normally when we hit a nine percent high timeframes we do look for that one to four candle correction I want to for candle consolidation period which means and illegally it should take you know several weeks in on the three-day it should take 12 days or so of a consolidation before the next trend move can be delivered now because.

We closed the week out so strong it's hard for me to believe that we're not kind of at least advanced at some point into this week okay there's enough eyeballs and it's clearly enough money flow still flowing into Bitcoin still flowing into this market here okay that's hard for me to believe that now we've been above you know five K here for several days we closed our first.

Weekly candle above 5k since November 12th that this can't at least into this week bring us some continuation but let's keep in mind a couple things here okay just leave them bearish and when watching how the indicators and how the price action was so far below our moving averages we're seeing an inverse here you know because there were bullishness so we're seeing our moving averages are.

Now I think it supports or they actually used to act as resistances so again the weekly may 12 give me 26 supports okay 4500 now this is an area here where I expect to backtest at some point and here's the key we are up to before I say yeah so our weekly is our highest timeframe where my EMA 12 EMA 26 have you yet to bullish lacrosse and this will be a challenge because.

Whenever we attempt a bull cross and now that I'm on the highest timeframe of the week going out of that far I actually expect us to get rejected on the initial attempt to cross a bullish Lea now this also sets us up for at least another week or two into April for this to potentially play out and for this to play out you know we have to keep our momentum and going and maintaining above.

5 K but I know how high the price action is above our moving averages now note similarly ok the distance between our moving averages and how low the price action actually got how bearishly spread ok these indicators actually were here and now think about it in the inverse if we get a spread like this you know on the negative can we get a spread like that on the positive we're then our.

Trailer or sorry our leading indicator becomes up here above our trailer to a space like this do we do an inverse of the bullishness as we did the inverse of the bearishness these are the things we have to keep note of on these higher time frames because we are so above our supports here you know we're a trapeze artists and we're way above the net right now and these nets are important.

Because they provide stability and they provide continuation here now our daily our daily blooming averages are just super strong here I'm look this we had a chance here to break we didn't kept it strong kept us strong kept it strong kept its strong ok no bear crosses there's our expansion we're spreading out here first support still again 47 64 it will I guarantee you Bitcoin will.

Here forty-seven something at some point okay I just can't say if it's kind of go up a couple hundred dollars more before it does come back down here but it will come back down here and it will test these key supports but as you can see we're still above it on the 12-hour we're still above our a leading indicator on the 12-hour only on the.

Six-hour are we actually seeing that support be tested and we gonna test it once we got to test it twice and both of those times the price action he'll and this was really the thing where if you're in a long and you're not kind of gets suckered out you can wait for these closing candle until we break at least the EMA 12 okay the Bulls still have that control.

And it's funny on the for our kind of the same thing that we did lose it here but it took us just one candle to get it back into it okay and then we almost lost it here but again because we keep closing above our nearest term EMA supports on as load out of the for our you know the Bulls are just showing the relentlessness here now again our volume here it's not terrible it's not.

Spectacular you know these were crazy big volume bars again this is just a four hour but these are these are huge volume bars comparatively here okay we've definitely lost a lot of that mostly because this is what was the kind of that shock to the market money came in algos were blasting around had some time here we have a couple these wick.

Outs clearly clear out the lawns clear out the shorts or clear out the shorts clear lungs did that a few times here okay but the overall trend you know still holds very bullish you're literally until proven otherwise now personally for me this early into the day to start you know as we are strong as always suspect and in the sense that I feel we tend to do tossed lower point.

In the day you know set up some sort of a lower way there's a I guess you could say other than this little really did this guy here and this guy here really just not putting those lower wicks there still though I mean we've had a couple of these pain tops but these are just too like really strong bullish candles it's kind of the fifth and the one we just.

Put in yesterday just these wicks and love that's strong on the upper side here and we've tested our supports here on the lower side here so many times the 5k you know for now seems very strong you know and until it gets tested they're now a couple other indicators I want to go over here this is just unprecedented this is the right TDI here talk about how the red rarely gets very.

Much above our upper bollinger okay just to hear they're just a hair they're just a hair there just to hear their thought yet their rode up here right just a hair have you ever seen our red you know really ripping above our upper BB like we're seeing now this is unprecedented bullish move here this indicator is nothing great i'll give it a slight difference at the fact that the.

Bollinger's ours are are not super wide let's put it they're not super wide but this is just I mean to me this is screaming like this kind of over botanist because we don't normally see this in this indicator and I'll go back here to bullish times right where even when we're Bitcoin bullishness we don't see it this strong but when we do see it this strong this shoot up shoot up shoot.

Up okay we do have the volatility and we do have the pullback so don't get complacent here okay the Bulls have been very strong they continue to be very strong here we still have our local resistances and we still have a very tight area all around now just from near term short term long term okay this is our pattern of supports high range low range we find.

Support 786 we find support at the point five five we retest that we hold above the point five five we closed above the three a 2 but we wick out on the two three six and now we're trying to get above the two or three six to our navigable goal which is still our local top of fifty three fifty and after that putting a higher high and then as we discussed earlier in the show we talked.

About our upper range here of resistances whoo all right let's take a look at a couple other things look at eath you know Ethan a C's has been strong here okay it's breaking through the neckline okay it's a little bit it's been trailing bitcoins bullishness but look at it's catching up okay and again I mean this this thing can definitely hit 200 bucks.

If it keeps ranging here we're right at the bottom of this little area here but the fulcrum change here the focal point is just a hair above 2k 2k $200 here and and just very strong there I got acknowledged aetherium classic this is this charts just hilarious to me this is just a coin based chart I know it has a log a longer history but this thing debuted a coin based roughly thirteen.

Fourteen dollars it's bad September through December falling down to three dollars and then basically came if you had bought all the way down you're gonna just exit it right there for basically that entry and all this profit here I mean just just a rocket ship you have to ask yourself is this the trend here are we getting this kind of a free clear air here in our price action because these.

Are so ripe to pop because of this pent-up demand that's beginning to kind of swell the market here litecoin listen this thing has just been just unbelievably strong here $100 black hole I'm still in awe of it near-term support resistances and we gotta go all the way back now to uh let's see here.

There's a lot of resistance here otherwise like 110 all right 110 is really the next area we found a support one two three times and it broke 110 is really the next area of major resistance which is amazing if well I couldn't close over a hundred dollars I would just I mean just wow just wow oh yeah and I want to just acknowledge butkin cash again there's this this gap you.

Know this gap I can't believe it's it's so close to being filled right now they've been staring at this thing for months and asked myself could have really got this high could really get the sigh and now it's like you know there's the gap three two this was the fork gap I mean that's it right there after after this gap gets filled and not that far off it are we right.

I mean well what's left this is the range you know maybe he could hit 400 it could but that's that's the backtest all this here this is just for just back testing it was amazing back to ask talking about hundreds of percent moves here we fell so so crazy low here okay so it's my it's a Bitcoin here talking a lot here winding down guys never give me a thumbs up 160 70 guys stuck with me.

Here for the past 41 minutes on this fine is Sunday evening yeah Tom Brady is the best quote again right my man tromo Barton Wayne Luiz Carlos Rios Gordon X crypto future YouTube you in tech listen here I mean we're just seeing just continuation here the markets strong I mean you can't you know I can't buck.

This trend right now eath his pumping okay early on the day here still around I sold this is the first hour of the day okay we might test these resistances you know if we test these are earlier in the day here I'll see what kind of wick we put in what kind of resistance here but the volume is strong okay Vic that's Bitcoin total 24 out of all have been very strong.

Let's go buy the Bitcoin here let's go tight range okay pumping again remember still we got our local high let's draw a line right there okay we were here four days ago you know and we're only like less than a hundred dollars away from it right now and we might be at a point now you could argue that maybe all coins like the bigger all coin can you know continue to.

Bring up the market in this way you know you might see that bullish divergence continue eath like coin you know cash in an effort to kind of continue and to propel Bitcoin higher a couple things here so let's go to the Bitcoin simi futures all these gaps here 43 91 filled that was it though those were filled in the sixes right so we opened the day with a gap up which is very strong so we.

Have a little gap here down to 5k like 50 V here this is their only gap here we have on the chart on the for our at least the for our and where is a guy down here at the 3138 that's lonely on your one hour but in the four hour it's not there there was one here and we know how that got it failed there so very strong here well you got a little gap a cup underdog gap here on the open of our.

Simi futures something about an hour ago alright fellas I'm fading I will leave you with these final thoughts here as I said before we're so early in the day we're only an hour into our daily price action I'm always skeptical on early day price action especially this bullish okay it draws in people it sets a new candle it allows a little more moments of continuation but at the same time you.

Know we have to acknowledge on the highest of timeframes here you know how long can we keep this this completely stopped off Stoke in a way we have never seen before you know our size broke that high or high here so fast I mean 41 to 57 in like seven day we can be it's we've seen these right in the bull market we saw these but note these moves here 53 to 90 I mean that's just a.

Crazy one there you know 54 to 85 so 30 to the 40 60 30 so this was 30 to almost 60 this is almost a 30 point move here so we get into these moves here 30 maybe 40 points on the RSI right before we have a big correction and we've done about 30 whose bottom they're about 28 or about 58 so yeah we're about 30 points here moving this RSI and historically speaking when we do about a.

30 point move right 40 to 70 we do tend to have the very Swift pullback here love to say that all is lost but we got to keep these in mind especially these being on the high of timeframes here okay and what happens if we do hit this resistance here again at 53 or can get us a little bit higher here I mean what happens if we achieve our near-term target we can't be this.

Extended and keep in mind here that any pullback on this is where I would go to our higher term averages okay which is our ma 50 on the weekly still untested coming down ever so slowly that's a 55 if we hit this area here if we hit 5 5 5 5 I mean this is kind of this is going to be this strong resistance here like really strong resistance this candle this moving average and then the daily.

Our how far above we are on the MA 200 support $4,500 and has not risen up just yet okay still very strong as we go into the day you know we're seeing continuation we're seeing the money flow be very strong across the board here you know alts have Running Room okay but we're getting closer I mean we're just getting a little closer every day if we keep this bullishness up though to these.

More meaningful resistances these full runs of what was resistance turn support back testing and we're just back testing here we're just back tests in these key areas ok so just be be be smart we've ripped so hard here if you've been fortunate enough to ride this long you know gratulations these are tremendous gains here but you know always keep in the back of your mind just the the TA of.

This and that we're so high above these areas of support as we zoom out on higher time frames I mean to beat this how you look at alcohol high we are about with 12-hour supports you know look at our daily supports here look at our two days now our three-day okay look at our MA 100 we keep hitting our darn ma 100 on our three-day we hit it here we hit it here once again right there.

There's a big gap between that guy and our 200 a three-day and lastly I'll just leave you with only on this timeframe here each omocha cloud ok back testing about cloud one more time three day finding guidance and support right there okay if this closes inside they can use this as support which is mean 52 support for eventual range high in the sevens but still this is our highest timeframe.

Where we have yet to break through the cloud daily we're above it and then some cloud support again forty seven forty and hundred dollars here so we can go higher but think about the lower thinking about the catch and see how that reacts their high we can go you know a few hundred dollars higher obviously we can go more than a few hundred hours higher I just feel that at.

This point being this wide out on the weeklies and a far above our time frames here expect the volatility to continue so with that guy's been great much appreciated your support here please give me some love on the thumbs up and we will catch you guys through the week here we're gonna follow me on twitter follow me on youtube check me out on bitcoin live check me out on starbucks.

When you're in line next time until then it's big see guys are great let's find a good song to end on here no no let's find this one that's not that he's up


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