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Amelia loses her key & Avelina helps her sister

Опубликовано: 2 месяца назад
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Amelia loses her key & Avelina helps her sister
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Oh no nuts hurt again hey oh no again we're monkeys opens our media what's wrong are you okay yes missus police he's running after me he thinks I battle mania again oh why do I look like bat Amelia and where's my key.

hello anyone home hello anyone here there you are I got you now finally I know you didn't do anything bad but you dropped your keys I've been running the whole day after you sorry Mikey yes your key am i under arrest.

No you're not under arrest why for dropping a key so you're running after me this whole time just to give me back my key nicely playing at the pool I'm gonna reboot them complaint these girls are teasing me and I don't want it.

Police do something about it blamed the thief complaints about these girls okay I should check it out yeah good idea so Miss lunchtime let's go these girls are teasing him but they're so friendly hey girls stop and you type of word with you .

24 there they are Stu please well you already got why does he i order you open that door okay click over here to my shoulders.

Oh sorry sir I was looking for these girls is this your room I wants to ask them about the complaint you sent to me no officer you must be wrong strange well sorry again sir have a nice day beautiful the magic crystal let's we go back to our Delphine again for some .

Yes we're back now let's hide a magic crystal no let's win you think it's safe I think this what is that they have a magic crystal haha it's mine.

got you now give me magnet crystal don't go closer I'll follow it yeah crystal come here yes we got a double Nina and I think somebody will get with yeah .

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