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Okay I'm doing into v1 I got the diamond engine boom boom BAM a new bro ladies welcome back to another digit spinner minecraft video it's getting pretty bad guys it's getting pretty bad well you will never get you to break man we gotta get shocking up to thirty thousand subs guys look ladies and gentlemen we have another widget spinner challenge with interview guys today we.

Have 20 minutes once we start building from our island to the center to see who can get the most kills at that moment in time the winner is one with the most kills and then we wrap the game up by killing the rest of the team shotgun look dude I'm gonna get the frame built fidget first I'm getting the rainbow fidget on my end of the people here fine I'll.

Leave you alone dude you know what I'm gonna do I got an iron phidget I got an iron frigate let's go dude my god yo our bed is so gonna get busted oh dude if you die if you die before the challenge starts you're done you're done oh yeah it's already started but if our bed dies man there's no way you can't get any Redemption kill you my guys Oh Judi guys.

I'm going for my president okay let's go somehow our bed has not died I can't believe it no you know what this is how good of a person I am guys and this is why you should people like down below in the video because it's cringy and we need it but also because I'm such a good teammate about reinforced diamond armor armor what am I talking about a lot Bronwyn I'm a good.

Person man I'm a good person come with bad words you can do whatever you can do as your heart pleases I imagine I'm gonna get like 50 kills and 20 minutes I think I can do how do we check how many kids you have oh dude you gotta just trust your gut on that for you're not counting what are you looking oh my gosh back stance I'm at 606 I met six boys I'm actually gonna.

Buy three of my three do this okay bread has diamond gear already fYI no no I'm going for him though I'm doing it better than you I'm just better I think I met seven kills now I met seven guys I'm living up to my name expectations man the master fidget I got to become the master fidgeter to be the monster fitted sheet I don't even have I took his diamonds get rekt brawny guy co-ed.

Kvitko dude I feel like these beds are gonna try to get ahead guys okay I need more I need more I need emeralds man I need him more leaves out of this oh dude oh bets about to get broken right now yep there goes wait wait you can't die I'm at the middle I'm at the middle and you need some backup I'm good hey don't take my emeralds man I offered you my protection.

Diamonds breath gonna need them too much coffee or I've got four I've got a lot actually I bought the first upgrade I bought the first stuff oh no there's a blue upstairs there's a blue he's got a wooden fidget but he's so I guess I thought you just died I thought you do my gosh I saw some guy get knocked into the void and I was like have you been paying attention to how.

Much time it's been hey the recording is currently at 8 minutes once it's at 23 minutes we'll call it so let's just say it's been around 5 it's better yo-yo freak off bad freak off dude why would you this isn't my job come on back it's your job there's no way you're beating me in this competition if I had eight or nine oh okay I don't know how I feel about this anymore is that can pretty.

Hard by mine I'm what slacking man I've been working I've been working everyday working on the railroad right now man I got a connect yeah but on the railroad get on the railroad oh actually have something I'm not I'm a good person I'm gonna get this this upgrade boom sharp not a nice person if you were a nice person you would have upgraded right here by now.

Right I'll buy the next gear upgrade where's yours takes you I do that's enough for anybody whatever man I got the dog dead I'm fine in a while man I've been I've been trying to get you probably everybody now you're lucky shotgun you know you got that European ping going on right now you know you know yeah all right yeah you're.

Right your head dude don't try to logic me you know what don't use your logic against me man I'll slap your testicle heck dude fudge these pink guys are actually pretty smart they're also the ones that killed our bed consequently so I don't really like them oh my god did you literally jump me from every well I guess there's no reason for a time or any more editor.

Cut it out shotguns the worst I can't believe he's already done this that hasn't even been like 10 minutes in the game shotgun huh you had one job dude you had one job just like the worst bursted also planted to play bad whores with worse than Wall Street no that's a victory oh my god get out of here nothing I just do it's a.

Rainbow fidget it's a rainbow no it's a rainbow fidget guy I mean it could fly I can't believe you died on me oh this guy's got a boat I'm about to get deck boy sweat okay oh I was I was sweating right there Oh is he coming over no do you want to go get some oh my slapped just a guy this get slapped around how did you leave me like this man.

This is like why didn't you get me a hamburger bro and it's like you didn't tell me that oh gee pink I've gotta get oh my god six emeralds emerald just got six emeralds man you got tall bone in this challenge dude this is like not even a competition anymore I'm just getting free fun I'm just like I'm getting free farm man it's beautiful watch this pink guys gonna come to mid.

Is he coming to mid now he's going back he's going back I'm gonna win the game if I lose the game I'll lose my status you know any minas press employees I'll turn into mr. Wolfe fools all right and I'll have no job I don't want to turn it into a jobless person I've always been really proud about having a good job and education and stuff like that so I want to make sure I stay a good person all.

Right I want to be a hard worker what happens if I lose what happens if I lose my shotgun man you put me in a hard spot I mean I've never really per se have subscribed but I've seen your videos is that cowboy like come on that kind of counts guys tell me that biggest fan okay okay I don't think you have any fans shotgun video I don't know it feels bad for just one person for me it's not.

So bad actually I'm gonna I kind of vibe this right now shotgun this abuse dude this guy is about to get slumped so look at him look at the sloppy dude I'm telling you not have people in the boy now I don't think you get their stuff it's got picked up always fun yeah okay I thought you did I thought you used to get it when your doctor.

Does anybody have a rainbow fidget who else really quickly you know what do you mean really quickly it's adjustable watch this watch this I'm taking this guy out with a sniper shot oh look I'm twice three times oh one more oh come on turn turn and burn guy not for long he's not so not worth it now I just lost my emergency pearl but hype at the same time man I can't believe you died on you.

Legitimately you pull the walls okay there was a live stream the other day you were there shotgun because obviously it you know you're lame but Wall Street walked off the edge as like yeah like walked like which I'm I can't make this up walks off the edge as like we have everything done and finished but all there's purple guy he has no idea he has no idea poor soul he's dead dude no way.

Dude no way our recording software is at like 15 minutes and we didn't even start on the dot my guy I'm not here to ruin anybody's dreams maybe a little bit maybe can you blame me you have you have easy dreams of ruin you know what I mean oh I don't know it just means they're easy to ruin and terrain good for you is easy there as you know it's yours yeah yeah the green.

Guys there oh yeah this blue guy I gotta get behind them 21 savage bomb 23 you your boy at 62 gold 300 iron license yeah I don't know maybe it just works when you bow them oh no not this guy purple give me your stuff you won't do what you did to me last time you Savage I got purple what Swayze landed he does giving don't give you dear this gun I see what did you know no oh great.

Dream killer just hit me off the edge green could have just hit me off the edge what is this guy doing what are you doing guy what are you doing yeah this lucky that could I'm just better than you man speak so when there is he in the base yeah Biggs chili burgers chili is it like in the corner is he in the corner now there in the earth base right now I kill pink yeah you did.

Oh my god do not be actually look I'm not bragging all right it's just I'm just the baddest all right yo dude I got oh oh oh it's your boy it's Roy okay okay all right all right whoa whoa whoa I was wood did was wreck to you I know I got it wasn't supposed to get those combos they were not they were not supposed to be there I'm not making no.

Excuses I'm getting my inner pearls before I do anything I'm so spooked right now this is beautiful I think this is like our best bed Wars game yet man because you die dude is because you're dying I even have three iron golems Phonics like how bad does it feel right now to be a shotgun man like it's gonna feel what is this guy doing what are they.

Doing you're not gonna cross Oh come on hit 49 and that's gear I needed man I got infinitely G dude I've almost got enough for the frickin max upgrades it's got this is stupid I didn't expect it to go this will be the rainbow fidget spinners too powerful shotgun the texture value fuss I don't think it just adds you know textures I think it adds more is this guy in Vince.

I think yeah the range did oh I know I saw my particles and I thought it was a guy I'm like I'm a little bit hypersensitive right this map is so easy to get thrown off of you don't I mean like you could get thrown off way too easy okay you get sniped really easy as over I mean like you I'll get revenge for you shotgun I will alright you know actually.

I feel like there's only way there's a late one two beds left whose bad thing pink and green oh my gosh I bet you these guys right there I bet you these guys don't even have obsidian around their stuff don't tell me if they do or not that's cheating but I bet you they don't even have it dude I could legit in the game right now I think not even kidding.

No do that actually is a lot of damage you with a prot three disguiser alright hold on I'm gonna kill the right if you go in there right now and yext you wait the better I'll give you $5.00 I'm maybe five bucks that's it dude come on okay I don't know 500 what's a cosmic is they only think the best faction server in the point I said that's okay all right now we're just hurting feelings here yo.

I gotta check I got a check man I gotta change dumb dude okay it's going solo stop now it's your tied dude these guys are such moves dude all I gotta do is get some upstate or uh some TNT and this is game I gotta get just gonna grab some TNT these guys I say go for green fuzz cuz any one of him it'd be easier oh oh is it really only one of green I don't know.

I feel like I got to save this neutral ass he's such a noob you know I don't want to end this pain I want to I wanted to go on he's got no you need huh hey look at the purple come here purple why did you might have a knock Factory oh he's retreating to death right now look at that gets snipped right you're not really ready for this.

Yet because you're obviously not of age but I'm about to show about the show you know they could totally snipe me but I want to get my prop for upgrade they could definitely cite me from there though absolutely that's that might be a little risky maybe I maybe oh but check this out check this out oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah I can't share with you shotgun I can only share with people who are alive.

That would be ghosting you're really bad team I'm on the alive you know if you're dead and I'm alive I don't think we're really on the same team reinforced armor like seriously like you're not even worth my time shotgun like by dying dude and look at this green guy it looks right here mine is actually way dude look at this green guy do you see this guy he's gonna do the whole loop and I'm.

Gonna kill him look he's gonna come back wait for him he's gonna need a Zenda I know I got him knowing what's up boy you're my good boy I can't hit him do see god he's a god come here chicken boy where's he going chicken boy is he running no he's not gonna get it back he's at yellow base for the ladies chilling diamonds where's he going.

So I give like that did I'm not item really after you give him a chance you could just win late oh oh first I will I wish wait come here dude just walk into them he just pocketed I know but I was dude Frank he pocketed a beer dear give it don't stop it stupid what is they doing no I'm breaking their bed okay that's it okay I have to kill him again look at.

This I didn't get his stuff man good dude the poor soul a rage quit rage oh this guy's bad this Pink's bad all I can dude oh my gosh insults insults are not cool dude you know like I'm sorry yeah you better be sorry man he still has a wooden fidget right are you kidding me oh is it really the same guy with the same wooden fidget yeah yeah the guy has an iron I'm done dude I'm done I can't I.

Can't stand this guy I'm going right now it's been twins my guy oh here we go here we go I play the game oh my god oh my god okay no shame No why would you single him out like that man he probably had dreams hopes stuff like that man this is beautiful is that but is that like a bad thing is that a bad bad things are really bad big oh I.

Don't think it's a bad thing I think I think I think you know things are in the eyes of the person not a bully I'm a great person come on viewers tell me I'm not a bully don't reaffirm this behavior I mean tell me I'm not a boy I'm not a boy shotgun just because you died the beginning to suck does not mean I'm a boy everyone to do perspectives gonna watch you watch me.

Die oh my gosh yeah right dude no die dad to begin you are such a nub you lie bad I've never seen a noob like you shotgun I love it I love it so much and that concludes our rainbow fidget spinner challenge in bed Wars yeah that's jug and right now man I'm sorry man maybe next time though you know I think if you really put more time and effort into not sucking it could pay off.

You won the challenge wait what I've got what'd he do that are you crazy my guy in nine yo ladies and gentlemen we're piecing out if you guys want to see any other bed words challenge just let us know down below in the comments and by leaving light down below on this video hope you all enjoyed and we'll see you all next time.


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