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Top 15 Scary Trucker Dashcam Videos

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Narrated by Chills:
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In this top 15 list, we look at the most scary videos caught on dash cam by truck drivers (truckers). These events could make you want to stay clear of the open roads. Enjoy our analysis of these entries.
Written by: jessicaholom
Edited by: The Benson Brothers
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


15. Nighttime in RussiaYouTube channel illustrated magazine published yet another crazy Russian video in Novemberof 2013. Get ready for it. A highway in the darkness of night. Some light music. Headlights. The road. And then, out of nowhere… Why an enormous bundle of sticks blasted intothe middle of the road at that moment, who.

Knows. All I know is that this driver is a pro. He kept his wits about him enough to not overcorrect,even though this clearly scared him as much as it did us. Probably, more so. While this could have been a falling branchor tree, the right side of the road seems to be clear of trees, and the branches appearto be chucked straight down onto the highway. This was certainly a terrifying event, andwith no explanation. We may never know who threw those sticks. 14..

Near OverturnThis is another amazing yet scary save, published by Life Trucking in May of 2017. Watch as a car, driving alongside a semi,comes closer to loss of life than they likely ever imagined. As the two drive parallel down the highway,the semi is passing the vehicle when suddenly its cargo tips. The big rig goes up on its left wheels. Those in the car must have been suprised tosee the semi nearly toppling onto them, before the driver manages to return the big rig toits regular balance. Although surprisingly scary, this driver’smagical maneuver is worth applauding..

13. Between Two Coal TrucksEDUARDO ORTEGA published this scary episode in February of 2012. As you can see, it’s a foggy day with limitedvisibility ahead. That is, until you spot two sets of headlightsheading toward the driver, occupying both lanes. One of the truckers had attempted to passthe other and was now in the dash cam driver’s lane. Predicting a terrible incident waiting tohappen, one of the opposite coal truck drivers slows down, veering off the roadway and ontothe hard shoulder..

The other doesn’t seem to move out of theway in the slightest. Still, the expert trucker manages to threadthe needle and make it through. The drive cam is even more entertaining, asyou can see the driver look back in disbelief. He’d just come face-to-face with losinghis life and saw the other side. Although he has himself to thank for a quickand clean maneuver, he could give the opposite trucker a pat on the back for his knee-jerkreaction in taking his big rig off the road and out of commission. 12. Russian Truckers vs Highway BanditsYouTuber SomewhereInRussia published this roadside nightmare in September of 2012..

In the video description, he writes: “Authorof the video stopped his truck on the road to change the wheel. 3 bandits in blue Lada tried to get ~$100out of trucker for ‘crossing their territory’.” As you can see in the footage, the semi isidling, while the trucker is likely changing the wheel, as the YouTuber stated. You can see him walk up the road to pick somethingup off the ground, walk back, and get in his vehicle as the phone rings. When he answers it, you see the blue Ladapull up alongside him. A man in a tracksuit approaches the driver’sside door. Next, you can hear the trucker radio for helpand, soon enough, two other big rigs heed.

His call. Not sure what is said in the back-and-forth,but a little later, the driver exits his rig to confront the bandits alongside his fellowdrivers. Holding a metal pipe, he walks toward thegroup, which has grown from one to more than half a dozen. It seems some of these men are from the banditgroup, while the others are truckers who have managed to block the Lada and its banditsin. Confrontation kicks off amongst the group. After the would-be bandit has been thoroughlypummeled, about a half dozen men are seen heaving the Lada, which is parked on the sideof the road, until it rolls onto its roof..

It’s lucky the truckers banded together,because it seems they’re better together. The bandits lost. This time. 11. Wrong WayThis one is unfortunately fact, not fiction. On the northbound M40 in Oxfordshire, UK,someone was headed southbound. Directly into traffic. The car and caravan, which were reported tohave “foreign plates,” flew down a five-mile stretch of the motorway. Other drivers swerved out of the way of thecar/caravan combo..

The Subaru Forester, towing the caravan, endedup driving into a couple vehicles, which took the life of one of the drivers, who was thirtyyears old, along with the driver and passenger of the Subaru, both in their eighties. This trucker’s dash cam footage shows theSubaru heading in the opposite direction of all the other northbound vehicles at the time. Moments later, the ride would come to a sadend. Police were already on their way, having receivedreports that someone was driving the wrong way down the motorway…and then later receivingfurther updates about the event. 10. Nightmare AlleyThis video, published by Dash Cam Owners World.

In April of 2018, shows what it’s like tocross paths with something not only unexpected…but altogether surreal. The driver is cruising across some backroads,no other light source in view but his own headlights when, all of a sudden, on the rightside of his lane, a woman dressed in white comes into view. On the ground, a dark streak draws a pathto where she stands, as if something wet stains the road. Her right hand is making a jabbing motion. The driver screams in fright and quickly backsout of there, as the deranged woman wanders aimlessly towards him..

He keeps backing away, faster and faster,until the ghost woman is no longer in view. Some commenters think this must be real. Others suggest the lady is one of the “black-eyedkids” that you hear so much about. Still others think it was a prank gone toofar. Whether real or not, if I ran into this atnight, I would surely panic. 9. Crazy FaceJoeRobTV showcases another fright in the dark of night. Published in September of 2017, Joe wrotethat this happened around 9PM at night although he didn’t mention the location..

In the clip, Joe says there was someone walkingin the distance that looked incredibly sketchy. Then he spots him. He says the guy is just standing there, beneaththe sign at the side of the road. He flashes his brights, and the figure finallycomes into view. It appears to be a guy, dressed in a blackt-shirt and dark jeans. The driver says he seems to be wearing a mask. The mask isn’t clear, but something doesseem to be wrong with the drifter’s face. And as the guy slowly drives past, the figureapproaches, coming toward the passenger side door, as the driver shouts in terror. Some YouTubers think this grotesque thingis a demon..

Others, of course, think it’s a prank. But one comment stood out from the rest. Erick Cantú Aguilar from Mexico City saidhe came searching for answers after seeing something similar. In his own words: “One day I was walkingby the street with a friend of mine, we passed under a bridge and we both saw something identicalto this being!” He said that he knows that most probably won’tbelieve him, but finding the same type of figure online was strange. At least we know Joe got away from this pseudodemon. The video made it to the Internet, after all..

8. Bouncy CastleWhile bouncy castles are good fun, there’s no fun and games on the open road. Published by lacarse in April of 2016, thisdash cam shows the damage that a bouncy castle is capable of. Yet another savvy truck driver shows off hisskills with quick enough reflexes and foresight to prevent something seriously bad. The footage shows a nighttime drive alongthe busy interstate. Lots of folks are on the road, clipping awayat a pretty steady pace. Then, suddenly, in the middle of one laneappears a large purple tarp - or what looks.

To be a deflated bouncy castle. The vehicle in front of the trucker goes aroundthe obstacle, which appeared on the I-40E near Nashville, Tennessee, according to thevideo’s description. But, instead of simply dodging the tarp likeall the others flying down the interstate, the trucker pulls over, gets out of his car,and attempts to pull the object off the road and onto the shoulder. Apparently, the bouncy castle is pretty heavy,because the trucker has a hard time dragging it, while dozens of cars pass him by, unableto spare a thought to help. Regardless, he finally manages to remove itfully from the lane, gets back in his truck, and is on his merry way again..

Future drivers down the I-40E have this competenttrucker to thank for his action. 7. Robber Recovery Red Pill published the clip in August of 2015. The semi’s dash cam footage captures a manpull over his car in front of the big rig, which was parked on the side of the road. The trucker was apparently absent from thecab at the time, perhaps fixing a wheel. The man approaches the passenger’s sidedoor, likely scoping the semi out, and then, seeing it’s empty, goes round to the driver’sside. Soon, the man is seen running back to hisvehicle holding a bag..

He pops into the passenger’s side of thevehicle. That’s when the truck driver spots him tryingto get away with his valuables and races after him. The car attempts to drive off as the man chases,but he pauses for a moment, and for some unknown reason, the would-be robber throws the bagback out of the passenger’s side door, and the trucker retrieves it. Although it’s unclear why the robbers didn’tcomplete their take off with the bag, as it doesn’t seem like the driver was going tocatch up with them. Maybe the sight of him was enough to scarethe wits out of them. 6..

Cut OffTrucker Clinton Rhodes, from the Otago region of New Zealand, captures loads of dash camfootage that would have you raging. Much of the footage he captures is near misses. But this one in particular could really havetaken someone’s life - or multiple someones. As Rhodes drives steady, a car cuts him offto take an exit, missing his 34,000 liter-petrol tanker by an inch. As you can see, the car was on the oppositeside of the semi before crossing sharply over into his lane. Rhodes notes that drivers are impatient withbig rigs like his and often won’t wait for the passing zone, but just go right aheadand pass on double lines..

A very scary incident avoided. 5. Mob MentalityWe’ve talked about this event before in a previous video, but since then we’ve beenable to uncover more footage of this extremely scary situation. A trucker is cruising down a dark highwayat night with another trucker ahead of him. Suddenly, you hear the truck ahead blare itshorn, as the big rig swerves to avoid hitting a makeshift roadblock that a group set up. The roadblock is trees placed across the road. The group shines flashlights into the drivers’eyes, likely hoping to blind them enough to.

Stop the big rigs. Then they could go right ahead and take whatthey want. But no luck this time, as both drivers - andthose ahead of them - make it through. This happened in a port city in northern France,across the English Channel from Dover. This second video shows the same event toeven more terrifying effect, as the dash cam of the first truck in the lineup capturesthe lead up to the event. More of the mob appear on the road, throwingrocks and branches and attempting to stop the driver. As the driver continues forward and spotsthe branch, he starts to back his big rig up..

And that’s when the mob starts shoutingand throwing stones, thinking they’ve got him. The sheer amount of people attacking is enoughto make one fear for his life. But, thankfully, the driver doesn’t letfear get to him. He blares his horn into the night, drivesforward, and the men start jumping over the railings. He plows over the trees and is on his wayagain. 4. Eighteen WheelerThis video first appeared on Real TV in 2001. The uploader describes this footage, writing,“This seems to happen more often than you.

Might think. A truck driver might hear of a police pursuitcoming his way via CB radio and he might actually try to block the driver's path. In a situation like this, the suspect woulddefinitely have his work cut out for him.” The clip shows dash cam footage of a takenvehicle in Des Moines, Iowa. When a 14-year-old runaway purchased the vehiclewith a forged check, the police soon caught up with him. But after they successfully pulled the youngman over, ordering him to exit the car with his hands in the air, he peeled away. And the chase was on!.

The police car starts off slow, lending theboy a bit of a lead. Soon, he’s driving at speeds of nearly 100mph, but the police are on it. It seems they’ve radioed a semi to theiraid. You can see the runaway try to pass, as thesemi swerves into both lanes, blocking his path. But the runaway takes an off-ramp, which leadsnowhere. He’s then driving into fields, his vehiclespitting up dirt and grass as he peels off again. The detour somehow leads back to the highway,where the runaway is again blocked behind the semi..

The boy’s tire blows up and sparks are seenflying everywhere. He soon veers onto the shoulder, still tryingto clear the semi. Finally, the chase comes to an end. The driver was, of course, taken into custodyand sentenced for his actions. 3. Reckless DriverWhy can’t people just let truckers do their job. This crazy footage is from February of 2017. The footage shows why they were so worried. The big rig catches video of the truck driverjust sitting in his white truck on the side.

Of the road. Once the rig starts moving, he follows alongside. Then he pulls right in front of the semi. The trucker and his passenger wonder whatin the world this guy is up to. The passenger suggests that possibly the manthinks the trucker cut him off. But the trucker thinks he’s just deranged. For a long while, the truck sits there, untilthe big rig backs up. The passenger tries to catch the white truck’slicense plate, but it’s unclear through the rain and the distance. All the while, the trucker continues to sitthere, while other drivers fly past..

Then, suddenly, for no apparent reason, thewhite truck backs off and allows the big rig to pass, which it then does. The young man in the truck watches them, andas the passenger reported, he begins driving down the wrong side of the road, halting traffic. According to the trucker, the man was takeninto custody and charged. So, at least there’s a happy ending. 2. Balancing ActPublished by Erin Cox in July of 2017. This truck driver pulls off a big save afterhis truck almost tips over. Watch, as the trucker defies gravity, as hisback wheels lose traction for a moment, after.

Taking a turn too quickly. Pulling it back in a way that certainly makesme believer in this trucker’s driving ability. The rig swings over, bouncing to the rightbefore settling on solid ground again, coming to a stop. It’s certainly both amazing and terrifyinghe was able to pull this off, something tells me the chances of success with that manoeuvreare quite low. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chillsand I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look likein real life, then go to my instagram, @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. It's a proven fact that generosity makes youa happier person, so if you're generous enough.

To hit that subscribe button and the bellbeside it then thank you. This way you'll be notified of the new videowe upload every Tuesday. 1. Near MissDash Cam Owners Australia is a dedicated page to reckless driving and traffic incidentsin - you guessed it - Australia. In the video, you can see a truck just cruisingalong a highway. Nothing wrong with that. Then, out of nowhere, a car pulls onto thehighway from a field. As you can see, the car isn’t even travelingdown a designated road. It appears to be making its own makeshiftroad across the grass and, without any regard.

To the safety of the semi driver cruisingdown the highway, it pulls in front of it, nearly becoming flattened. Luckily, the truck driver was reactive enoughto pull into the opposite lane and even slightly off-road to avoid something bad from happening. But shortly after, you can see the car speedoff in front of the big rig without a care in the world. I mean, you almost just took someone’s life- and own - but no worries at all, right? Maybe that driver should have their licensetaken away.


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